Questions about Field Nation Pro

Why is Field Nation offering a new program?
Through extensive voice-of-customer research conducted in 2019, technicians told us their needs had evolved to the point where a one-size-fits-all solution was no longer enough. Different program levels allow us to offer more options, enabling technicians to choose the experience that best fits their needs. 
What’s the difference between Field Nation Standard and Field Nation Pro?
Field Nation Standard is our entry-level experience and includes benefits like access to the Field Nation marketplace, the ability to customize your profile, mediation assistance, and 24/7/365 support, once weekly payments, and more. Field Nation Pro includes all the benefits of Standard, plus Smart Match, On-Demand Pay, and one background check and drug test per year.
How does Field Nation Pro compare to competitive offerings?
In addition to all the benefits of Field Nation Standard, Field Nation Pro is the only solution that offers the ability to get paid right away on any approved work order and arms technicians with advanced work tools like Auto-Request. Field Nation Pro also covers the cost of one background check and drug test per year.


Will buyers know I’m a Pro member?
No, there is no “badge” or information shared with buyers telling them which technicians are Pro members.
If I upgrade to Pro, which work orders will be immediately impacted by the fee?

The 13.9% fee (on the total value of the work order) will immediately be applied to all published, routed, assigned, and work done WOs.

Any work orders in "Approved" at the time of upgrade will not be subject to the 13.9% fee; providers can use On-Demand Pay on those work orders for the standard 10% fee. 

Why is the Pro fee sometimes subject to tax?

As stated in the Terms and Conditions, Field Nation is required by law to collect applicable taxes in each state. The 10% fee paid by technicians is considered a data processing fee, while the 3.9% Pro fee is considered a Software as a Service (SaaS) fee. 

Different states tax these two fee types differently. Some require Field Nation to collect tax on both, some states require Field Nation to collect tax on just one of the fees, and some states do not require Field Nation to collect tax on either. 

Tax is assessed based on the state where the work takes place, not where the technician resides. If you do work in multiple states, you could see different tax rates for that reason. Please note: taxes are calculated upon work order approval. 

Click here to read a Help Center article about Field Nation tax collection, which includes a list of which states tax which fees. 

Can I upgrade to Pro if I live outside the U.S.?
Field Nation Pro is only available for providers in the U.S. at this time.

Questions About On-Demand Pay

What is On-Demand Pay?

On-Demand Pay offers the ability to get paid right away on any approved work order. Once a work order is approved and you select “Transfer Balance Now,” the payment request will be sent to the bank instantly.

If Direct Deposit (ACH) is selected as the payment method, and the payment request is received by the bank before 10:30 AM CT, you’ll receive funds in your account that day. If the request is received after 10:30 AM CT, you’ll receive funds the next business day.

If Zelle® is selected as the payment method, you'll receive funds in minutes once you set up your Zelle account with Field Nation. To learn more about Zelle and how to set it up, check out this Help Center article

How does On-Demand Pay work with payment terms?
On-Demand Pay allows you to get paid right away on approved work orders regardless of the buyer’s payment terms with Field Nation.
Why did Field Nation implement payment terms?
Field Nation implemented payment terms (paying technicians when buyers pay us) to ensure the amount of work on the platform wouldn’t be limited by our ability to extend credit. (You know how your credit card has a limit? Same idea.) Check out the payment terms FAQs for more info.
What are the payment method options for On-Demand Pay?

You can choose Direct Deposit (ACH) for payment either same or next business day depending on when you select "Transfer Balance Now," or you can choose Zelle to receive funds in minutes. 

You can change your preferred payment method on the payment method settings page. PayPal is not an option for On-Demand Pay at this time.

Please note that bank holidays may affect timing of Direct Deposit payments. 

Which work orders are eligible for On-Demand Pay?
All work orders that have been approved, including those that are pending payment and queued for payment. When you use On-Demand Pay, all approved work orders will be paid at once; you aren’t able to select On-Demand Pay on individual work orders. If you don't select "Transfer Balance Now," all approved work orders will automatically be paid on Fridays using your selected payment method. 
Why can I only use On-Demand Pay once per day?

You can only use On-Demand Pay (selecting "Transfer Balance Now" for all approved work orders) once per day.

Please note that only one payment transfer can be made each day, from 12:00am to 11:59pm. On a day that you have already received a payment from Field Nation (including scheduled Friday payouts), you will not be able to make another on-demand payment request, or receive another payment transfer, until the following day.

Questions about SmartMatch

What is SmartMatch?

SmartMatch allows Pro members to create rules for work they want to be matched with. Rule criteria include pay rate, buyer, travel distance, type of work, and time of day. When work is published that matches your criteria, you'll receive a SmartMatch Notification, which allows you to view work order details, and/or request the work with one tap. (If you don't want the job, you can just dismiss or ignore the notification.)

Check out the "What is SmartMatch?" Help Center article for more information.


Does SmartMatch "hide" work from non-Pro techs?

No, SmartMatch does not "hide" or "delay" work for non-Pro techs. The benefit of SmartMatch is awareness and timeliness. You tell the platform (via SmartMatch rules) exactly what kind of work you want to know about, and the platform will notify you when that work is published so you can review the work order and decide if you want to request it or not. 

It's possible that you might receive an email notification from the platform about the same work, but then you'd have to sift through all the other emails in your inbox that may or may not be work you're interested in. With SmartMatch notifications, you already know it's work you want because you created the specifications.  

Does SmartMatch know what’s on my schedule already?

Yes. If a work order that meets your SmartMatch criteria is published on Monday at 8:00 am, for example, and you’re already scheduled for a job on your Field Nation calendar, you won't receive a SmartMatch notification. 

To ensure SmartMatch doesn't send you notifications when you already have a commitment, you can import your personal calendar to Field Nation by following the steps in this Help Center article. The title of each calendar event will be visible to you on your Field Nation calendar, but your events will only show as 'Busy' to a buyer with the exception of work that has been assigned to you by that specific buyer. 

When setting up your SmartMatch rules, you can also set your available business hours or choose a window of time when you're available, and SmartMatch will only notify you about work matches that meet your criteria within those hours. 



How do I import my personal calendar to Field Nation?

Follow the steps in this Help Center article to import your personal calendar to Field Nation. Doing so will help ensure SmartMatch doesn't send you notifications for work when you're not available. 

The title of events on your personal calendar will be visible to you on your Field Nation calendar, but they'll show as 'Busy' to buyers, with the exception of work that has been assigned to you by that specific buyer. 

The following calendars can be imported into Field Nation: Apple iCloud, Google, Outlook 365, and Yahoo.

Please note: calendar imports can only be done on the web at this time.

Does SmartMatch account for travel time?

Yes. You can set a scheduling buffer at the individual rule level.

How does SmartMatch calculate "radius from my profile address"?

"Radius from my profile address" is one of the many parameters you can customize when setting up your SmartMatch rules. It's calculated using "as the crow flies" distance, not driving distance. 

Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 6.15.41 PM


How does SmartMatch know how much time to block out?
SmartMatch uses pay type to determine how much time to block out on your schedule. For hourly or blended work orders, the maximum number of hours from the scheduled start time will be blocked out. For flat rate or device work orders, two hours will be blocked out.
Can I use SmartMatch in the app and on the web?

SmartMatch is only available in the mobile app at this time. 

Questions about screenings

How do I get my included background check and drug test?
Once you upgrade to Pro and request at least one work order, you’ll receive an email letting you know you’re eligible. The email will link to the screenings section of the platform, where you can submit a request for a background check and drug test at no cost. 

Questions about TripLog

What is mileage tracking and how does it work?

Mileage tracking allows you to track how many miles you drive for work orders through Field Nation. This data can be used to claim a deduction on federal taxes.

TripLog can work in two ways. You can select “Start GPS Tracking” to allow your GPS to record your travel distance in real-time. If you forget to select “Start GPS Tracking”, you can enter your trip manually.

Who has access to my mileage/GPS data? Where is this data stored?

Your mileage data is securely stored on Field Nation servers. Field Nation will never share or sell this information to parties outside of Field Nation. Buyers do not, and never will, have access to TripLog data under any circumstances. 

What happens if my phone loses signal while I'm using TripLog?
The app will continue to collect GPS coordinates as you travel and will update when you regain cell service.
How much battery and/or data will TripLog use?
TripLog is primarily GPS-based, so it should not use a significant amount of data. It will use roughly as much battery as other GPS-based applications (Google Maps, Apple Maps, Waze, etc.)
If I downgrade from Pro, will I lose all of my previous TripLog history?
No, you will not lose access to your TripLog history. However, you will not be able to record any additional trips.

Questions about contract length and pricing

How does the month-to-month contract work?
Your Pro contract will automatically renew each month based on your sign-up date. For example, if you upgrade on May 15th, the contract will auto-renew on the 15th of every month thereafter.
What does Field Nation Pro cost?
For advanced work tools like Auto-Request, faster access to funds with Instant Pay, and one background check and drug test included annually, you’ll be charged 13.9% on the total value of every work order.
How do I downgrade?
You can start the downgrade process here. Please note that the downgrade won’t take effect until your sign-up date in the next month. For example, if you upgrade on May 15th, and decide to downgrade on July 20th, you will remain a Pro member with access to Pro benefits until August 15th. Any work orders that are approved before your downgrade takes effect are subject to the 13.9% fee. 

Questions for Service Companies

What are the benefits of Pro for Service Companies?

Field Nation Pro is a great option for Service Companies that want to scale their operations while running more efficiently. With On-Demand Pay, you'll be able to pay your managed providers more quickly, and have a better cash flow position if you need to pay upfront for supplies or expenses. With SmartMatch, you'll be able to spend less time searching and monitoring the platform for work on behalf of your managed providers. And with screenings included, you'll know your managed providers are up-to-date on their screenings and included in work opportunities that require screened providers. 

Can Service Companies upgrade to Pro?
Yes, a Service Company admin can sign up for Pro. Please note that the Pro designation will apply to all managed providers. 
How does SmartMatch work when I have managed providers?
Service Company admins can create SmartMatch Rules for each of their managed providers. Once the provider is selected, the admin can create a rule specific to that provider. The admin can either manage the SmartMatch function on behalf of that provider, or they can grant access to the provider to manage on their own if the provider has the ability to request their own work orders in the marketplace. 

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