Once-a-week payments

Are twice-a-week payments going away?
Yes, Field Nation is moving to once-a-week payments. 


What is changing with Field Nation's payment processing schedule?
Field Nation has adjusted its payment processing schedule to maximize the speed at which a work order will be processed for payment.
  • Work orders that are prefunded that are approved by 10 am CT on Friday will be processed for payment that Friday. Work orders approved after 10 am CT on Friday will be processed the following Friday. This time was selected because it will allow a vast majority of technicians to receive payments on Friday– the same day payment was processed by Field Nation. 
  • To maximize the number of work orders included in the payment, work orders on payment terms that are approved by 11:59 pm CT on Friday will be processed on the Friday listed on the work order.



Does the move to once-a-week payments impact any of my existing work orders?
Yes. Once-a-week payments will go into effect for all work orders as of July 1, 2020.

Payment terms

Why is Field Nation changing its payment terms?
Like many companies, some Field Nation buyers have credit terms with Field Nation. Prior to this change, Field Nation paid providers before invoicing or receiving payment from buyers. By aligning our buyers’ payment terms with providers' payment schedules, Field Nation is able to support even more work—bringing more opportunity to you.
What are the new payment terms on Field Nation?

When you receive payment for a work order, it will be based on the payment terms of that work order.

All work orders will identify the payment terms in the work order list and at the top of the pay card in the work order details. Work orders with 7-day, 14-day, 21-day, or 28-day terms will automatically process for payment based on those terms. For buyers who pre-fund their accounts, work orders will be paid the first Friday after approval.

When are payment terms going into effect?
Beginning June 12, 2020, you will be able to see the new payment terms reflected in Field Nation. Beginning July 1, 2020, all work orders will either be processed the Friday after work order approval, or the second, third, fourth, or fifth Friday after work order approval. Check the work order to see when payment will be processed.
Which work orders will have payment terms? How will I see this?

After opening a work order, the payment terms will be highlighted in the pay card section. Work orders with payment terms will display an icon within the pay card and work order list.

For a more robust explanation of payment terms, please refer to our support article.


Does this impact any of my existing work orders?
No. Throughout the month of June, Field Nation will transition work orders with terms greater than 7 days to a new payment schedule. Work orders published or routed once a buyer has been transitioned will reflect the new payment terms. The payment terms can be viewed on the work order.  Check your My Payments page to confirm when you will receive payment.
Where can I see where my work order is in the payment cycle?

Once the work order has been approved, you will be able to track the payment date on the My Payments page. 

Can payment terms vary for a buyer?

Yes. A buyer’s work orders can have different payment terms. Please review the payment terms for each work order prior to requesting.

What are the longest payment terms I will see on a work order?
Field Nation is capping the payment terms on the platform at 28 days. All work orders will be paid based on 28-day terms or less. The majority of work will be processed on 14-day terms or less.


Can I filter out work orders with specific payment terms so I don’t see them?

No, not at this time. We introduced an icon to make sure you can easily identify work orders with payment terms both from the work order list and within the work order details. We continually strive to improve our user’s experience and will be closely monitoring for feedback.

image (5)


Can I counteroffer a work order to have the payment terms changed?
No. We do not currently support the ability to counteroffer a work order to request different payment terms. Today, Field Nation provides visibility into both the payment terms and average approval days. The payment process begins when the work order is approved. These transparent insights allow the provider to make an informed decision on whether to request or accept the work order.
I was routed a work order with payment terms. Am I able to request different payment terms?
No. There is not an option in place today to request different payment terms from buyers.

Platform impact

After the COVID-19 crisis is over, will standard payment terms return for all work orders?
No. Work orders will continue to be paid on their specified payment terms unless a buyer changes their funding options.