From March 16 to April 5, Field Nation saw a spike in work order cancellations due to COVID-19 concerns. This issue led us to temporarily suspend our cancellation policy to help both sides of our marketplace handle any unexpected changes or safety concerns related to the pandemic.

Over the past several months, we've closely monitored site availability and safety, state and local closures, cancellation and provider removal rates, and the COVID-19 trajectory provided by the WHO and CDC.

Spikes in cancellations from the most impacted weeks of COVID-19 have stabilized, and Field Nation will be reinstating our cancellation policy on August 21, 2020. While our cancellation policy remains largely the same, we have instituted some new policies, noted in our FAQs below.

Frequently-asked questions

What has changed for buyers with the reinstatement of the Cancellation Policy?

These policies remain the same:

  • If it is before the confirmation window, buyers can cancel or unassign a work order without penalty.
  • If a work order is canceled during the confirmation window, the cancellation penalty of $30 will apply and be paid to the technician — unless the work order is "At Risk."

New policies include:

  • If a site has been deemed unsafe, but the work could be completed eventually, the work order should be moved to “on hold” and the buyer should contact the provider to reschedule the work.
  • Should a provider report that they can't make it to their assignment, and the buyer cancels or unassigns that provider, any quality event created will be reviewed by Field Nation. If Field Nation discovers that COVID-19 was a valid reason for the provider's cancellation, we would not fault the provider. To prevent abuse of this policy, multiple COVID-19 removals will be flagged and reviewed by our Provider Quality team.
What has changed for providers with the reinstatement of the Cancellation Policy?

These policies remain the same:

  • If a provider is unable to make it to the assignment due to COVID-19 concerns, they may remove themselves without penalty before the confirmation window begins.
  • If it's during or after the confirmation window, providers must choose the "I can't make it to my assignment" reason within the work order. This allows the buyer to take action (unassign/cancel any work orders).

Changes include:

  • Quality events as a result of cancellations will continue to be reviewed, but Field Nation will not penalize late work order provider removals related to COVID-19. Please remember to provide detailed notes in the "Provide Explanation" section when reporting "I can't make it to my assignment." Field Nation’s support team will review, validate and monitor any abuse of COVID-19-specific provider cancellations.